Make All Federal Employees Fireable

Make All Federal Employees Fireable


There shouldn’t be a permanent bureaucracy that can thwart the will of a president.

Before Donald Trump promised to “Make America Great Again,” he entertained millions of Americans through a weekly ritual of telling his least favorite employees, “You’re fired!” Yet despite his pledges to “drain the swamp,” Trump won’t be able to do the same thing with most of his new workforce: the federal bureaucracy. But he should. The American people are paying for employees they can’t even control. Federal bureaucrats enjoy ludicrous protections that far exceed what average Americans can expect in their own jobs and thus isolate the bureaucracy from the will of the American people. To correct this, Congress should pass a law to make all federal employees serve at will — just like Americans in the private sector. If a bureaucrat underperforms, undermines policy, or is no longer needed, he should be dismissed.

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